France is a 3/5 Splenic Project. 

Which means she holds so much wisdom not only through lived experiential wisdom but also through multiple certification programs she has taken part of. 

Did you know France started off as a Dental Hygienist? 

The reason she no longer practices as a Dental Hygienist is because she discovered Frequency. 

Since leaving the Dental World she became a mom, got separated, been a waitress (and thoroughly enjoyed it), got certified as a Conscious Parenting Coach and Building Personal resilience Mentor/ Facilitator. 

What fuels her heart are: 

  • Wellbeing
  • Growth 
  • Abundance (new paradigm of abundance) 
  • Frequency 
  • & Freedom 

She loves to stimulate her own imagination (as well as yours) to: 

  • Expand and recalibrate your mindset 
  • Increase your abundance, sustainability, peace & joy.

Since discovering Frequency Devices back in her hygiene days she has been praying for a way to share this with more families around the globe because of how powerful it is. 

When she discovered Healy in August 2022 her prayers were answered. 

Why does France love Healy so much? 
Because she is using this along with other knowledge she has as a Personal Resilience Mentor to shift peoples baseline for: Health, Abundance & Freedom.

6 reasons why (France &) you will love Healy:

1.Healy is like having a frequency practitioner in your pocket

2.Healy attracts the most beautiful, open hearted community you can imagine

3.Healy is another income stream if you choose to share & refer to others

4.Healy radiates divine feminine energetics business & wealth mentorship

5.Healy is an aligned community, friends and potential clients for your other business (if you have one)

6.Healy allows you to be online and work from anywhere in the world

Click below to watch one of my favourite short explanations about the Healy & opportunity...

Healy in 12 minutes from Arihia Sun on Vimeo.

"How Can I"

How can you adopt this mindset?

What would change in your life if you did?

For a minute let’s talk about how it impacts us financially… 

Financial stress is impacting sooooo many families today. 

That stress directly impacts our resiliency, our capacity and how we are able to show up in our life, for our children. 

So what if you shifted your mindset and thought… 

“How can I” and then go and do it? 

I know for myself that's what I had to do. 

This past summer.. 

Healy came into my awareness… 

My first thought was “I can’t afford it” 

The next day i woke up and decided to instead play in the realm of 

“How can I do it?” 

And I did it… 

This actually also happened to be an asset, not a liability … (when you listen to the video below this might connect the dots for you).

And since then I have received a return on my investment that I would've never predicted… 

What if you asked yourself.. 

“How can I do it?” 

And then you went and did it?! 

It doesn’t matter whether you get a raise at your current job or not… 

You can receive money in many other ways… 

If you want to know how I have been tapping into the new paradigm of wealth creation … come say hi to me on IG and say "How can I".

Do you have questions?

Come say hi to me on IG and let's continue this conversation.

What if you could shift your health baseline?

What if you could shift your abundance baseline?

What if you could have more internal & external Freedom?

What if you never had to make a decision again based on whether or not you could afford something but instead made decisions on alignment....

With Heart,